The betrayed, the forgotten... THE XILED
  The betrayed, the forgotten... THE XILED


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Hello, Welcome to THE XILED. Here at XILED We are a group of gamers who believe in sportsmanship, respect and enjoying our favorite pass time; Gaming. This Website serves as a central hub for our community to pass information as well as a tool to connect to others. The Xiled community games with a code of conduct. The code of conduct can be found under our ABOUT US tab. These aren't seen as rules but a general guide line of how we game. We are always on the lookout for members that share the same goals and values as us. If your interested in joining or playing in a community where you will be respected and be known as an equal then contact us. Our focus as a group right now is building our squads and divisions up while competing in Clan Ops, Online Tournaments/Ladders and having a blast while doing so. We also have a part of our community set aside for those who are looking for a place to play outside of squad based sturcture and gaming. While we aren't a community based on skill, you would be hard pressed to find another group with as much talent and experience. We pride ourselves in winning as a team and we do so often. Please don't be embarrassed about your level of play. We are a gaming community, not a gaming cult. If your interested in challenging us or Joining our community contact us on Xbox Live or here. We would equally enjoy shooting at you or beside you. It's your choice. See you in the GAME!!!! 

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MEETING For all STAFF Wednesdays 8pm!!!! Every Week!!!! If your interested in becoming staff or just wanna be in on the action please attend!!!!


NOTICE: We will be hosting another community tournament within the next few weeks. Start putting your teams together now. It will be a six man team tourny. 

*NOTICE* We will be hosting a Xiled Scavenger Hunt. Be at your meetings to find times and rules. PRIZES(subject to change)            1st Place: 1600 MP

2nd Place: 800 MP

3rd Place: Dedicated Chapter in "The Xiled Stories"

" Death Hath A Thousand Doors, Let Us Find One For You..."